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Handrail with connector clamping

Handrail with connector clamping

     Glass balustrades produced by Home & Office Glass Design, with point fastenings, also known as point fastened balustrades, are a modern and stylish option for protecting open edges such as balconies, terraces or interior staircases. These balustrades use toughened glass and stainless steel point fixings or other durable materials to provide transparency and a minimalist look.


Point-fixed glass balustrades offer many advantages, including:

  • Modern aesthetics: glass balustrades with point-fixings offer a minimalist and modern look, thanks to the transparency of the glass and discreet fixings. They can help create an open and bright atmosphere in the space where they are installed.
  • Safety and strength: although the glass used in point-fixed balustrades is clear, it is usually made of toughened glass, which is much stronger than ordinary glass and can withstand high impact and pressure. Point fixings, made from durable materials such as stainless steel, provide stability and safety to the balustrades.
  • Ease of maintenance: point-fixed glass balustrades are relatively easy to maintain as they do not have many components and do not require many repairs or adjustments. Glass can be easily cleaned with glass cleaning solutions and point fasteners can be cleaned and maintained with regular cleaning materials.
  • Design versatility: point-fixed glass balustrades can be customised according to the owner's design preferences or project requirements. Glass can be supplied in different shades, textures or patterns and point fixings can be chosen in various shapes, sizes and finishes to match the overall style and aesthetic of the space in which they are installed. Thus, these balustrades can be adapted to fit seamlessly into various types of interior or exterior design, from residential homes to commercial or office spaces.

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