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Corner shelf

Corner shelf

Glass corner shelves are rounded pieces of glass joined to the corners of a piece of furniture or a metal or plastic frame to protect fragile corners. They are commonly used in furniture, doors and windows to prevent scratches and dents in their corners.

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Straight glass shelves are flat pieces made of glass. They are used in various applications such as furniture, partition walls, flooring or even in construction. Straight glass shelves are available in several thicknesses and sizes, and can be customised to the specific needs of each application. They can also be laminated, to increase resistance to scratches and shocks, or coated with different materials to improve aesthetic performance or to provide additional properties such as thermal or sound insulation.


The manufacturing process for glass shelves can vary depending on the manufacturer and product specifications, but generally follows these steps:


Pre-processing: the glass is cut to size and cleaned to remove any impurities or dust.


Forming: Glass is placed in a forming device, such as a mould or thermoforming machine, which stretches and moulds it into the desired shape.


Cutting and Finishing: After forming, the glass is cut to final dimensions and finished by sanding or grinding the edges to remove any roughness or burrs.


Quality control: After the finishing process, the glass shelves  are carefully inspected to ensure that they are free of defects and that they match the technical specifications.


Packing and shipping: After successfully passing quality control, the glass policies are securely packed to protect against scratches or other damage during transport and shipped to the customer.


This is a general process of manufacturing glass shelves. Some products may require additional steps, such as cutting out designs or applying special finishes, depending on the product design and specifications.


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