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Square glass tops are often used as design elements in furniture such as coffee tables, desks or kitchen tables. Before buying a square glass worktop, it is important to talk to a specialist in the field to get recommendations on the right specifications for your needs and to ensure proper installation.




Square shape: the glass worktop will be square, i.e. it will have four sides of equal length and a right angle at each corner.


Transparency: glass is a transparent material, so the square glass top will also be transparent. So it can be used to create a display surface or to cover an item you want to keep visible.


Durability: glass can be a durable and resistant material, depending on the thickness and type of glass used. In general, toughened glass is stronger than ordinary glass and may be more suitable for use as a glass worktop.

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Weight: glass can be a heavy material, which means that a square glass worktop can also be heavy. This can be important to consider when planning its installation and handling.


Temperature resistance: glass can be resistant to high and low temperatures, depending on the type of glass used. Tempered glass, for example, is more resistant to temperature variations than ordinary glass.


Easy to clean: glass can be easily cleaned and maintained. It is usually sufficient to use a soft cloth and a mild detergent to clean the surface of this type of countertop.


Glass worktops are usually made of toughened glass, which is stronger than ordinary glass. However, toughened glass is not indestructible and can be damaged or broken under certain conditions. In general, glass is sensitive to impact, so avoid hard knocks or scratches.


Caring for square glass countertops is pretty easy. You can wipe the surface with a damp cloth and a mild cleaning solution, and then wipe it with a clean, dry cloth. It's important to avoid using abrasive cleaners, which could scratch the surface.


Square glass countertops are versatile and can be used in many different spaces, including kitchens, offices and living areas. However, it's important to make sure you use your glass worktop in the right way to avoid damage.


Square glass tops can be mounted on a variety of supports, including metal or wooden legs. Before mounting the glass countertop, you should make sure that the support is strong enough to support the weight of the countertops and that the surface is level.

Edge finishing:

The edges of a glass top can be finished in a variety of ways, including sanded, rounded or cut. Choosing the right finish can affect the appearance and functionality of the glass worktop.

Scratch resistant:

Some glass worktops can be treated to be scratch resistant, which can be useful if you want to use the worktop to prepare food or display fragile objects.


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