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Square glass top with rounded corners, 100x100 cm, 6 mm ultraclear

530,00 Lei VAT included
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The glass countertop is a durable material with a smooth surface that allows light to penetrate and can be processed and customized in different ways to meet the specific needs of different applications.

  • Warranty included: individuals: 24 months, legal entities: 12 months
  • Free national delivery for orders over 25.000 Lei

Glass countertops have a number of uses, including:

In construction: glass countertops can be used as a structural component in buildings and bridges, providing transparency and natural light inside the structure.
In furniture: glass countertops can be used as an elegant and durable surface for tables, desks and other pieces of furniture.
In exhibitions: glass countertops are often used to create showcases and exhibits in museums, art galleries and other exhibition venues.
In interior design: glass worktops can be used to create railings, sliding doors, glass walls, partitions and other architectural glass elements, giving a modern and stylised touch.
In laboratory equipment: flat glass or glass worktops are often used in the construction of laboratory equipment, such as chemical analysis tanks or optical devices.


How to care for a glass countertop?

To keep a glass worktop in good condition, it is important to pay particular attention to its cleaning and maintenance. In general, caring for a glass worktop involves regular cleaning and caution in its use to avoid damage to the surface.

1. Clean the glass top regularly with a special glass cleaning solution, warm water and a soft cloth. It is important to avoid using aggressive cleaning products such as chlorine or strong solvents as these can damage the surface of the glass top.

2. Remove stains before they dry using a glass cleaner and a soft cloth or sponge. For more stubborn stains, you can use a soft toothbrush or a special glass cleaning brush.

3. Remove any debris or dirt carefully, using a blade or other sharp-edged tool, so as not to scratch the surface of the glass cooktop.

4. Avoid exposing the glass worktop to extreme temperatures or sudden temperature changes as this can cause cracks or cracks in the glass.

5. If the glass top is scratched, you can use a special glass polish to remove minor scratches.


Very important!
Do not place heavy or rough objects directly on the glass top as they may scratch or break the glass.


Hardware made in Germany No
Legal Weight Guarantee 12 months
Guarantee for Physical Person 24 months
Square countertop dimensions (cm) 100 x 100 cm
Form of countertop Sqaure
Glass thickness (mm) 8 mm