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Display case

Display case

A glass display case is a piece of equipment used in various locations, such as a bank, post office, city hall or other similar institutions, to create a physical separation between employees and customers, while still allowing easy communication and interaction. This display case is constructed of glass and can be fitted with a top made of durable material, such as metal, to provide the necessary support and stability for documents or other objects.

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Vitrina din sticla de tip ghiseu este disponibila in diverse dimensiuni si configuratii, putand fi personalizata in functie de necesitatile specifice ale clientului. Aceasta poate fi prevazuta cu usi glisante sau cu balamale, precum si cu sisteme de blocare si de securitate pentru a proteja documentele sau alte obiecte pastrate in interior.


An important advantage of the glass display case is that it creates a physical barrier between customers and employees, reducing the risk of spreading viruses and other infections. In addition, it can improve the level of security and confidentiality of documents and other items stored inside. The display case can also create a modern and professional appearance within the institution, reflecting a positive and trustworthy image.


To choose the right glass display case, it is important to consider the size and configuration required, as well as other technical specifications such as locking and security. It is also important to choose a supplier that is reliable and experienced in the production and installation of glass display cabinets.


The glass display case is an ideal solution for displaying and presenting important products or documents in a safe and attractive way. This display case is made of glass and can be provided with various technical features to make it ideal for different purposes and applications.


Among the advantages of using a glass display case are:


Safety - the display case is made of tempered glass, which makes it highly resistant to impact and breakage, thus protecting the products or important documents stored inside. It can also be fitted with locks or other security features to prevent unauthorised access to its contents.

Visibility - the glass display case allows excellent visibility of the contents, being made of transparent or semi-transparent glass. This makes the products or documents stored inside easy to see and recognise, making the display case ideal for use in public spaces such as offices, banks, shops or other high-traffic areas.

Durability - the glass from which the display case is constructed is a very durable material, resistant to wear and tear and to variations in temperature or humidity. Thus, this display case can be used for a long period of time without requiring frequent maintenance or replacement.

Customization - the glass display case can be customized according to the customer's specific needs, and can be provided with various sizes, configurations and technical features, such as lighting, shelves, locks or other accessories.

Aesthetics - the glass display case has a modern and elegant aesthetic, being ideal to improve the visual appearance of the space in which it is placed.


In conclusion, the use of a glass display case can bring many advantages, from safety and durability to aesthetics and customization, making it an ideal solution for displaying and presenting important products or documents in a safe and attractive way.


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