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Painted glass

Painted glass

Painted glass is a form of glass that has been coated with a paint or colour coating to change its appearance or to give it additional properties, such as heat insulation or light filtering. It can be used in various applications such as construction, interior design, the electronics industry, and many others.

Enamelled glass offers a wide range of customisation possibilities, and can be perforated, polished and cut into different shapes. Its uses are manifold and offer an infinite number of technical and aesthetic possibilities.

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Enamelled glass is a toughened coloured glass. One side of the glass is coated with a homogeneous layer of enamel, which is then heat strengthened, making it possible to add a durable colour to the surface of all types of glass that is unlikely to deteriorate due to light or thermal variations.


The glass used for printing is of the highest quality, ultra-clear, heat resistant and secure.
The printing is done directly on the glass using new UV technology with special adhesion primer, special glass ink and the highest print resolution of 1440 dpi.

For the painted glass cladding you can choose for several glass thicknesses between 4-8mm (secured in case there are many cut-outs and holes) and for a wide range of colours according to the RAL palette, also on the painted glass you can create effect images with our special painted effects, obtaining marble effect, granite effect on black or white, phosphorescent effect, etc.

With the help of painted glass we can clad bathrooms, work areas in kitchens, but also high-traffic areas inside commercial spaces and office buildings (receptions, lobbies, bars, etc.).




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