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Printed glass

Printed glass

We produce, deliver and assemble printed glass, decorative glass, painted glass, printed glass paintings, in Bucharest and Ilfov. Decorative glass can be used for: cladding walls in office spaces, cladding walls in commercial spaces, cladding the space between the kitchen countertop and suspended fixtures, cladding walls in bedrooms, cladding walls in bathrooms, decorating walls with printed glass paintings. 

Natural light

Modern Design



Responsibility for the environment

Hardware Germany

Glass is an important part of the décor and is a real asset, both for its use on the facade and for interior design.

Thanks to numerous technical innovations, such as printing on glass with ceramic ink, printed glass is a real eye-catcher for interior and exterior aesthetics.

Ceramic ink printing resists light, scratches and abrasion. During securing, in an oven heated to more than 600°C, the image is permanently fixed to the glass surface.


Ideal protection for walls

Easyto clean
Can be cleaned with any glazing solution or alcohol. It wipes clean easily with a cloth and the glossy appearance returns every time.

No joints and seams
You can fit glass up to 3 metres long, without the hassle of staining and yellowing of joints between tiles.

Strong and heat resistant
We only use toughened glass, which can withstand high stove temperatures and accidental knocks from pots or kitchen utensils without any problems.


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    Customize your kitchen printed glass 
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